Back Ups

Backups of all production Aeronet sites are performed daily between 2am and 6am (based on the server timezone). The backup contains a copy of the current configurations, code, the database, data files and some additional files required to restore the production site elsewhere.

When the size of the backup exceeds 2Gb the data folder/data is only backed up on a weekend. Purchase of daily backups for more that 2GB installs is available.

All backups are sent to our central backup storage server located inside our VPN, and only accessible via a Secure SFTP Connection or to a secure Amazon S3 Bucket.

In some rare cases the amount of data to be backed up exceeds the server capacity available to create the backup file. In this case, the data folder is synchronized to a failover server after the daily backup is restored (excluding the data folder) and a complete backup of the failover (the last backup + synchronized data) is sent to the storage server in addition to the live backup file.

We retain 12 backups in a rotating cycle:
6 daily (Sunday - Friday)
4 weekly (Saturday)
2 monthly (1st of each month)


Daily backups are restored onto our failover server on a daily basis.

Production Installs each send a backup to storage1 or AWS S3 nightly and retain the latest single backup on the server for instant access if required.

Todays backups are pulled from storage1 or S3 and restored for all production sites.


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