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AERONET.MRO enables operators, planners & MRO’s to manage clients, aircraft, inventory, people & compliance.

Imagine if your regulatory obligations weren’t slowing down your team.

When using Aeronet, compliance is built into your procedures. Compliance becomes something you achieve while using Aeronet, not something additional you have to manage at the end of a long day.

Our comprehensive MRO feature list integrates Quoting, Purchasing, Inventory and Invoicing into a seamless workflow management tool - completely compliant and fully versatile. AERONET.MRO can help reduce the time spent entering the same data multiple times, reducing costly inefficiencies and human error while using proven process. All data is centralized, secure and integrates with AERONET.MT and AERONET.OPS giving you seamless data flow from aircraft arrival through to release to service.

AERONET.MRO ensures your engineers and administrators have control of their work-flow in the very complex aviation regulatory environment that exists for all Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul companies.


Integrate aircraft data with other features such as Flights or Work Orders while syncing Logbook data to other Aeronet installs. Track total service cost for aircraft. Store aircraft rates and charter information.


Create customized work orders for one off projects or for reoccurring projects use Work Order templates. Create Work Orders directly from aircraft records to include detailed information regarding inspections or component changes. Print customized work order stationery and reports.


Manage part details, set default list cost and list price, select a preferred supplier and group similar parts.  Specify if a serial number or a shelf life are applicable.  List alternative part numbers or superseded details.  Store minimum and maximum stock levels for each location and run shortage reports.


Purchase parts, consumables and materials. Link ordered items directly to Work Orders for auto-issue on arrival. Create supplier core records.  Run shortage reports for each location or set up electronic email notification. Create service orders and outwork.


Create Quotes for part sales, aircraft maintenance or flights. Print customized stationery or send an email to clients at the touch of a button. Convert quotes into work orders with one click. Set an expiry date or valid period for time sensitive quotes.


Create multi currency invoices directly or from completed Work Orders and Flights. Payment terms can be linked to customer account status. Create part return credit notes. Print customized invoice stationery.


Enter daily timesheet data quickly and easily from the office computer, the hangar tablet or off-site from your mobile device. Distribute labor directly to work orders or specific tasks at standard or overtime rates. Move, update or delete time entries with ease.  Track non-productive hours to an internal cost center or a specific department.


Save reoccurring or frequently used work order, task and service order records to the template database.  Templates can be repeatedly accessed with minimal administration time. Most records can be saved to or retrieved from the template database via the live system, so the actual template database does not need to be accessed at all.


Manage customer and supplier contact details, tax rates, discounts, credit limits, account status and payment methods. Store shipping instructions and follow-up information. Set expiry dates for regular account audits. Organize records into groups. View transactions and review history.


Select from over one hundred available financial, operational, inventory and maintenance reports for every feature of Aeronet. Monitor work-in-progress and report on gross profit at a job level. System alerts enable the delivery of KPI’s to your inbox. Send automatic notifications and customized reports from any part of the system via scheduled scripts.


Track internal and external audits. Integrate calendars. View user history. Organize meetings and create safety plans. Manage internal and external documents. Set up internal follow-ups, alerts or warnings to increase efficiency across departments. Run a simple register for incidents and hazards. 


Have complete control over user and group access across multiple companies, branches or divisions. Send notification alerts, messages and reminders to all staff simply by using follow-ups. There is tablet and mobile support for the users who like to type with their thumbs. Buy and sell in any currency.


At Aeronet we believe in Integration over development. Enter data once into the right tool for the job and connect with any modern system architecture.   

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