AERONET.TRAINING is designed to be specific to you and tailored to suit the needs of your team and organisation.

Your people are your most valuable asset. Training them well is the best investment you can make.

Aeronet is not a one size fits all software package, as the nature of the aviation industry is complex and wide ranging. The level of training required will vary from person to person and company to company so Aeronet.TRAINING has been structured with this in mind.

Training options that are on offer are:

1. The Aeronet Overview Tour
This is the perfect option for those just starting out on their Aeronet Journey. 

2. The Aeronet Power User Workshop
This course is designed for those who want to earn their Aeronet 'Power User' badge and become expert users of our product - at the same time increasing efficiency within the business.

3. The Aeronet Feature Focus Training Modules
These Modules allow the user to pick and choose which areas of Aeronet they would like to concentrate on. You may want to implement this training option if your company has decided to turn on additional features within our product and a number of employees require an additional training.

Online seminars or on-site tutorials can be arranged as required or delivered as part of a planned project of training for individuals or teams. 


Feature Focus - Using Aeronet "with your thumbs"

In 1969 NASA took three astronauts to the moon using computers that were, at the time, state of the art. Looking back, we realize what an accomplishment that really was as the computing power inRead more

Feature Focus - Execute tasks from mobile

A lot of Aeronet users love using the mobile version of Aeronet to complete tasks as it can be done from any device, on the go and "with their thumbs". Most key actions can be done via mobile such asRead more

Feature Focus - Engine Trend Monitoring

There is nothing more frustrating than finding a major problem with an aircraft and then, when talking to the crew, they say something to the effect of "yeah, when we were out last week, somethingRead more

Feature Focus - Scheduled Reports

There is nothing quite like that moment when the delivery person pulls up to your house with the order you placed online earlier that week. The anticipation of the arrival is half the fun of gettingRead more

Feature Focus - Follow Ups

Ask anyone in a relationship and they'll tell you that communication is everything. When communications break down, so does the relationship. This is the case for both personal and businessRead more

Feature Focus - Parts Requisition

It's time for one of your aircraft to have its regular inspection or, heaven forbid, it needs some unscheduled maintenance! This will mean you will have parts that need replacing, materials to carryRead more

Feature Focus - Aeronet Bookings

Taking bookings is a key part of most aviation businesses. Whether it's another ski run up the mountain that comes in via email, a corporate client needs passengers taken from A to B and back coming Read more

Our philosophy with training is to train people within your organization to be trainers themselves. We don't like to hold onto our knowledge, but share it with the people in your team that can become Aeronet experts & advocates. Training individual team members on a specific part of the product is fine but when staff turnover, that knowledge walks out the door and then the training needs to happen again which can get costly. 

By having a few key people in your organization who are trained by Aeronet to be your in house trainers, you spread the knowledge and have people who can train new staff members as they come in. These trainers can then also help to create and keep up to date your mapped processes documentation. 

The best way to start this training is to make sure the people being trained already have knowledge of Aeronet and have spent a good amount of time in the software previously. This means the "basics" can be covered quickly and specific questions or problems can be trained and the time is more valuable for all. 
A lot of training can be done in groups but 1 on 1 training may be needed at times. Also, Aeronet has a large number of step by step support guides for users to access through the support portal that can help solve specific "how to" questions. 


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