Asking tired pilots to be accurate administrators has always been a struggle for the aviation industry.

By combining Aeronet’s App with one of a range of satellite tracking systems you can automate many of the reports and forms pilots must enter at the end of a flight. Imagine if your pilots could do a days flying without having to manually complete a Journey Log or update Flight and Duty. In addition, a draft Invoice can be ready for pilot approval upon return.

The Aeronet App automatically creates the following documentation in real time...

- Journey Log
- Flight & Duty
- Draft Invoices
- Flight Logbooks 
- Maintenance Alerts
- Landing Fee Reports 
- Usage Reports 
- Safety Alarms
- Incident Reports 

Aeronet’s new app works with most Satellite Tracking products on the market with these being the recommended solutions...

Phoenix Aircraft Monitor
- GEN 2

Spider 8

v2track V5




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