The Aeronet Business Analysis team was created out of a demand from our customers to help their managers who were eager for knowledge on how to navigate the complex world of bespoke aviation software. When it comes to implementing a software system there is a wide spectrum of solutions available. At one end you have completely customized and bespoke software. The other end of the spectrum offers completely shrink wrapped, uncustomizable solutions.

Choosing bespoke means you can get exactly what you need, eventually, and at significant cost. It does come with the major benefit of being able to change the software to match your business. At the other end of the spectrum there is shrink wrapped solutions that are often not industry specific and thus a formidable challenge finding one that will meet all your requirements. The costs are low but inevitably you end up changing your business processes to match the software, which is never ideal.

Navigating this minefield is not for the faint hearted. Large organizations and government departments have often failed trying to implement these systems, yet continue to try knowing that the right solution has huge benefits across the entire organization.

The Senior Leadership team at Aeronet have spent many thousands of hours in such discussions and planning, specifically in the very small vertical that is General Aviation. We are now able to offer you a stand alone service to help you identify, map and refine your own collection of robust internal processes, reduce costs and improve quality and compliance.

Aeronet Business Analysis is designed to empower your stakeholders with the knowledge, skills and documentation required to design a software system that is a great fit for your organization.

Why would your company need Aeronet.BA?

Even though the types of aviation businesses can be quite different, the ways to grow are very similar.  

  • You may have just started a new aviation business. 
  • You may been operating for a while and looking towards the next step of growth.
  • You may be a long time business owner but looking for better ways to do things.  

Regardless of where in your business journey you are, there are always things that can help you improve and grow a better business.

The Aeronet.BA service is designed for companies wanting to do any of the following:

1. Distill a ‘Software Requirement Analysis’ for your company.
2. Establish if Aeronet (or any other software) is a ‘good fit’ for their company.
3. Help companies build a comprehensive library of robust ‘Standard Operating Processes’ (SOP’S).
4. Refine a company’s existing SOP’s and compare to industry ‘Best Practice’ processes.
5. Help create and implement the Aeronet onboarding project plan.
6. Help Key Stakeholders better understand the Agile Software Development Methodology.
7. Help establish the scope of your company’s onboarding project so Stakeholders can estimate the costs.
8. Identify requirements and provide a Gap Analysis.

If your business is ready to Identify, Map or Refine its process then talk to the BA team by emailing support@aeronetsoftware.com


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