Aeronet is a team of dedicated software professionals, Headquartered in Cambridge, New Zealand.

For 15 years our software development team has worked along side aviation experts from around the world, developing extremely flexible software solutions for the industry.

Originally, as website developers, we could see early that accessing the cloud via web-enabled devices would bring a new level of collaboration. Now that Cloud computing and software as a service has become mainstream, Aeronet is well placed to lead your company through the next generation of innovation.

Aeronet continues to challenge technology boundaries with the move to serverless architecture. Data can now flow easily between many systems, from satellite tracking systems to modern accounting solutions.  

By streamlining critical workflows, we help companies manage a very complex regulatory environment. Using robust cloud-based infrastructure and the flexibility of Agile development we help connect your people with the best process possible. 

Aviation companies around the world now trust that Aeronet will continue to deliver new innovative solutions for the industry. 

Aeronet provides a proven pathway to success and we hope you will join us on the journey. If you would like to know more about the way we work and the key to successful software implementation, please book a demo with the Aeronet team.


Introducing the Aeronet Management Team. If you make the move to Aeronet Software you will be dealing with each of us at some point during your journey. We are here to ensue your journey is as smooth and seamless as possible along with a dedication to building a long lasting business relationship. We look forward to meeting every member of your team!

Greg Wallace


Greg will ensure you are fully informed about all aspects of our products and services and introduce you to how we do things here at Aeronet.

Aaron Shipman


Aaron is our problem solver. He will help you complete an evaluation of our product and establish any process improvement opportunities for your company.

Marty Pine


Marty will manage your project investment schedules, provide all cost breakdown and manage your Service Level Agreements. 

Jodie Squires


Jodie and her support team will be with you every step of the way. With their guidance and support your team will soon become Aeronet Power Users.


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