Aeronet Evaluation & Onboarding provides stakeholders the chance to explore the potential of the Aeronet software system. The aim of the Onboarding and Evaluation process is to make sure that Aeronet is the right fit for your organization and pull you gently towards best practice, while maintaining all that is unique about your organization.

They say that there are only three types of business problems - People, Process and System, and any system is only as good as the people, and the process they are following. The Aeronet Onboarding team are here to help you avoid the typical system implementation traps by ensuring the solution is as much about improving your peoples processes, as it is about the software system.

Our Evaluation & Onboarding process means we get to evaluate your business processes and very quickly learn if Aeronet is right for your company, without the need for complex requirements documentation. During this project the Aeronet team will seek to fully understand your company’s unique processes while your stakeholders will delve into the workings of the Aeronet system. We will help you identify all your processes, then map and refine them into easy-to-follow procedures.

With key project milestones in place and weekly meetings scheduled, the stakeholders will feel fully informed throughout the Onboarding & Evaluation journey. Let us help you to put your team first and deliver a solution that sees well trained users following robust processes and procedures, on a modern efficient and flexible system.

The Aeronet team is dedicated to ensuring that your transition to Aeronet is seamless and that ongoing use is made easy through continued legendary support.

For more information about Aeronet's Evaluation & Onboarding, please email sales@aeronetsoftware.com


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