The AERONET.ANALYSIS on-site workshop is specifically designed for companies who are passionate about owning Robust Business Processes.

Even though the types of aviation businesses can be quite different, the ways to grow are very similar.  

  • You may have just started and be very new in your business. 
  • You may been going for a while and looking towards the next step of growth.
  • You may be a long time business owner and happy with your business size but looking for better ways to do things.  

Regardless of where in your business journey you are, there are always things that can help you improve and grow a better business. We at Aeronet are ready to help so ask yourself - could your company benefit from any of the following three Analysis Workshops?

The EVALUATION Workshop is for anyone wanting to find out if Aeronet is a good fit for their company.

This is a 2, 3 or 4 day onsite workshop. It's purpose being to help you identify every business processes within your company, then map and refine them into robust, easy-to-follow procedures. We start with a detailed deep dive of your requirements to make sure Aeronet is a great fit for your aviation business. The Aeronet team will meet weekly with your internal project team to go through, department by department to make sure we understand your requirements and begin to make a plan of what are things that are 'must haves' with a new system and what are 'nice to haves'. 

Processes should be separate from any system, software or tool you use in your organization and so this analysis is not Aeronet specific but it will be clear where Aeronet does or does not meet your requirements. 

Once completed, you are welcome to take that list of requirements to market to make sure you are getting the best possible aviation MRO, Maintenance Tracking or Operations software solution for your organisation. If throughout the process we feel the Aeronet aviation software is a good fit for you, this will be communicated and should be fairly obvious to everyone involved. If not, you are welcome to take this analysis and find the partner to work with that will best suit your must have requirements. We don't like fitting square pegs into round holes! 

If you would like to know more details about this process and its documentation please contact us.


The PROVEN PROCESS Workshop is for anyone that does not yet have any documented process and would like to start the journey to owning Robust Proven Process.

We aim to exceed all your expectations when its comes to Proven Aviation Business Process. We will help connect your people with the most popular processes used in the aviation industry. Fifteen years of experience building software for the aviation industry has taught us a thing or two about creating and implementing robust aviation business process. The Aeronet.ANALYSIS online workshop will give you both the tools and the methods to distill out and document your current 'Proven Processes' while offering insights into some best industry practices. If this sounds like you don't hesitate to contact us.

The NEXT PROCESS Workshop is for anyone who would like to refine their current processes and develop 'Next Process'.

Maintaining a continuous cycle of Mapping, Reviewing and Refining business process is the key to great business. This online workshop will take your company's current 'Proven Process' and help you to adapt and refine them into their next iteration called 'Next Practice'. Many of our customers find scheduling this workshop annually is a good approach. Contact us to schedule your time.



Proven Practises are the processes in your company that have been documented and are considered to improve business results.

Best Practices are processes that have been tested and proven and are preferred by the wider industry. We can help you refine your current processes to include these.

Next Practices come from the theory that we should always be looking to improve and refine current business process.

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