aeronet.MT will help you convert your aircraft records into fleet data so they become more accessible, more mobile and up-to-date, while eliminating human error and double entry. The moment you put new information in aeronet.MT all stakeholders in the Aircraft have instant permission controlled access to vital aircraft data. Instead of reviewing one Aircraft at a time, you can scan your entire fleet with a few clicks.

The system allows you to build a unique aircraft history, providing a back-up to your Paper Logs and ultimately adding value to your aircraft. You can add data feeds from your Journey Log and share out to your MRO provider, in a protected, secure, cloud environment.

Imagine if Maintenance Control didn’t involve mounds of paperwork, out-of-date systems and manual error prone records. aeronet.MT is simple to use - allowing you to start tracking maintenance right away. This tool gives you access to advice from a global community of maintenance leaders dedicated to keeping aircraft flying safely. By using aeronet.MT to automate your flight logging, you are giving yourself complete confidence that your records are accurate and up-to-date.

To find out how aeronet.MT could streamline your business processes, organize a Demo with our friendly sales team.

Manage customer and supplier contact details, tax rates, discounts, credit limits, account status and payment methods. Store shipping instructions and follow-up information. Set expiry dates for regular account audits. Organize records into groups.

Integrate aircraft data with other features such as Flights or Work Orders while syncing Log Book data to other Aeronet installs. Track total service cost for aircraft. Store aircraft rates and charter information.

Track components with multiple limitations. Update limitation data in just a few clicks. Build up entire assemblies, including components not currently installed on aircraft. Edit limitation data for removed components to keep them up to date. Link Inspections and SB’s to components and the Assembly. Full Component history and Assembly status reporting with installation and removal.

Store inspection information using Inspection Templates. Add reference data, details & instructions and any website links. Specify important dates and upload any documentation. Once an Inspection Template is set up it can be used on multiple aircraft. Ensure accuracy and maintain a high level of transparency between administration staff, engineers and management.

Generate loose leaf Log Book Entries with a few simple clicks. Optionally pull details for Log Book Entries through from the Workpack and Tasks. Electronic technical Log Books for engine, airframe, modification and engine/propeller.

Track internal and external audits. Integrate calendars. View user history. Organize meetings and create safety plans. Manage internal and external documents. Set up internal follow-ups, alerts or warnings to increase efficiency across departments. Run a simple register for incidents and hazards.

Select from over one hundred available financial, operational, inventory and maintenance reports for every feature of Aeronet. Monitor work-in-progress and report on gross profit at a job level. System alerts enable the delivery of KPI’s to your inbox. Send automatic notifications and customized reports from any part of the system via scheduled scripts.

Maintenance Tracking for Role Equipment (life jackets, spray gear, hooks, chains etc) that have limited life but are not directly connected to one particular aircraft. Generate Role Equipment reports to see what you have, and the days left to run for each item.

View flight data from Flights as a running total on the Journey Log. Count down to the next maintenance event. Defects reporting with alerts. Pilots can view upcoming maintenance required, stating hours and days until due.

Engine trend monitoring detects early signs of wear. Data entry in Daily Flight Records allows for easy reporting and monitoring. Provide a count down for pilots to ensure they are capturing trend on time.

Pilot data entry for notes to engineers from mobile devices.Defect notification for the maintenance controller is instant. Create Follow Ups on all Defects reported. Set status to “Deferred” to the next check, send follow-up note to ground crew and other users. Defect reporting and reliability is made easy.

At Aeronet we believe in Integration over development. Enter data once into the right tool for the job and connect with any modern system architecture such as Google Apps, Spidertracks, Track Plus, Odoo, Xero, Excel, Freshdesk, Air Maestro, MYOB, Quickbooks, V2 Track, Jira, MyMD.aero


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