aeronet.OPS utilizes a range of satellite tracking systems to provide you with consistently updated, accurate fleet tracking. This allows Aeronet to provide accurate, timely flight reporting without waiting for pilots.

lets users be productive in more places by providing full access to their information across all platforms. Your team can connect with all of their information and keep working from any Internet connection. Smart phone devices continue to play an increasingly important role in our lives and aeronet.OPS provides compatibility with these devices to ensure critical information is always at your fingertips. In the time it takes you to currently invoice a flight, aeronet.OPS handles your Flight & Duty, Flight Following, Weight and Balance, Flight Logs, Flight Statistics and Landing Reports. By using aeronet.OPS to automate your Flight Logging, you can be assured that your records are accurate and up-to-date.

Relying on busy pilots to enter vital data accurately can be eliminated. Imagine if you didn’t have to wait for pilots to enter vital data accurately. aeronet.OPS is for Aircraft Operators looking to manage their organization with one easy system. It covers all your operational requirements from bookings, billing, aircraft and pilot management right through to regulatory reports.

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You can read more about the tracking systems Aeronet integrates with here...

Manage customer and supplier contact details, tax rates, discounts, credit limits, account status and payment methods. Store shipping instructions and follow-up information. Set expiry dates for regular account audits. Organize records into groups.

Integrate aircraft data with other features such as Flights or Work Orders while syncing Log Book data to other Aeronet installs. Track total service cost for aircraft. Store aircraft rates and charter information.

Schedule with increased flexibility and communicate with the entire team. Easily create pilot and aircraft bookings as well as organize clients or students. Keep customers up-to-date with confirmation emails and notifications. Bookings link to Quotes and Flights which makes this module a powerful integrated feature.

Due Date control for medicals, pilot currency and licenses or track any item that has renewable certifications. Roster personnel in multiple locations and divisions. Permission control and feature access. Receive email alerts and warnings, send and view follow-ups.

Handle customizable flight data entry with fast, efficient storage and robust operational reporting. Create daily flight records and flight plans with manifests for all types of flying. Instantly create flight invoicing for charters or passengers. Convert confirmed bookings into flights.

Enhance the overall visibility of the pilot group by providing both high level and detailed information for each pilot, such as rest and currency reporting. Scheduled reporting can be sent to inboxes. Track any number of pilot currency variables such as night or instrument flying across the fleet. This is fully customizable to closely match your operational rules.

Easily manage all dispatched flights in one view, see which aircraft are available, copy flights and manage passengers seamlessly.  Users are alerted to overdue flights, with each edit recorded for history in an easy-to-display Day or Flight log. Change the Aircraft or Pilot before the flight takes off. Move flights from ‘Taking off’ to ‘Landed’ with easy-to-use drag and drop. Set Departure and Arrival Times - Calculate SAR and Standby Times.

Create multi currency Invoices directly or from completed Work Orders and Flights. Payment terms can be linked to customer account status. Create part return Credit Notes. Print customized Invoice stationery.

Update passenger details and seating changes effortlessly with up-to-date last minute ‘On Ramp’ editing. Calculate Weight & Balance in advance and produce Load Sheets and Flight Manifests with one click.

Combine Recency, Flight and Duty, Records Management, Followups, Currency and Timesheets into one easy to administrate dashboard. Compare users records against a standard set of templates. Provide admin with warnings and alerts. Easily click through to user permissions and edits. Generate contact lists and user information.

Create Duty records in advance via a Pilot Roster. Link in pilot qualifications and experience. Check duty limits to ensure not over scheduling. Fully customizable duty codes. Count shifts for tour scheduling. Publish, export and email Roster out to users. Leave request and meal allowances. Users confirm roster to create Timesheets and duty records. Link to pilot payroll.

Track internal and external audits. Integrate calendars. View user history. Organize meetings and create safety plans. Manage internal and external documents. Set up internal follow-ups, alerts or warnings to increase efficiency across departments. Run a simple register for incidents and hazards.

Create Quotes for part sales, aircraft maintenance or flights. Print customized stationery or send an email to clients at the touch of a button. Convert Quotes into Work Orders with one click. Set an expiry date or valid period for time sensitive quotes.

Select from over one hundred available financial, operational, inventory and maintenance reports for every feature of Aeronet. Monitor work-in-progress and report on gross profit at a job level. System alerts enable the delivery of KPI’s to your inbox. Send automatic notifications and customized reports from any part of the system via scheduled scripts.

Create Weight & Balance calculations configured by type of aircraft. Add removable or fixed weight stations. View variable arm measurements for station types, such as hook loads. Passenger details are linked straight to a manifest. Instantly calculate and submit COG envelope limits and check load sheets.

At Aeronet we believe in Integration over development. Enter data once into the right tool for the job and connect with any modern system architecture such as Google Apps, Spidertracks, Track Plus, Odoo, Xero, Excel, Freshdesk, Air Maestro, MYOB, Quickbooks, V2 Track, Jira, MyMD.aero


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