Why can't I just try out Aeronet or "Turn On" Features?

Sometimes we get asked to turn on additional features for our clients so they can "scope them out". This obviously seems like a simple request but it might not be as straightforward as it seems.  

Imagine you and your friends getting together for dinner at someone's house and you're having homemade burgers. (Stay with me here). One friend, Jeff, trying to be helpful says "I'll make everyone's burgers for them." So while you enjoy a drink or two, Jeff is busy making burgers for everyone in the Kitchen.

Now, the best thing about homemade burgers is that as you make it, you choose all the things you really want in it and leave out all the things that you don't. Jeff doesn't know everything you like and dislike and so he goes with what he thinks should be in a burger. He might have a pretty good idea (Cheese, pickles, onion and ketchup) but may miss your favorite sauce or vegetable just like how your mum used to make it. It may end up being a good burger but it won't be just how you wanted it.  

This is just like getting Aeronet set up. We are able to just turn on additional features but unlike a lot of other online software, one of the main advantages of Aeronet is its ability to be customized. This means that "out of the box" Aeronet has most things you need but the real magic is when you go through the evaluation process, discuss with on Aeronet Expert your own unique internal processes and we can mold Aeronet to fit those. Aeronet's evaluation process will help you identify all requirements, then map and refine them into robust, easy-to-follow procedures. 

So if you are wanting to expand Aeronet into another part of your business or start using another set of awesome Aeronet features, the best thing to do is contact us and we can go through an evaluation process to make sure we can get Aeronet up and running exactly how you like it. Just like momma used to make those burgers! 


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