Automated Flight Data - Aeronet & Spidertracks

Talk to any pilot and they love to fly. What they don't love is doing paperwork before and after flights. Tired, busy pilots should be spending as much of their time flying, not completing forms and entering unnecessary data. The dream would be for a pilot to take off, fly the aircraft, land and the data about that flight is automatically tracked and appears in all your internal systems. The holy grail, a paperless cockpit.  

This is why at Aeronet we're really excited about the introduction of the paperless cockpit using Aeronet and Spidertracks.   

Once you have the Spider 8 by Spidertracks installed in your aircraft, Aeronet can then pull the data that the spider is collecting and use it to populate the matching fields in Aeronet meaning all that is needed is for the someone to check the accuracy and finalise the invoice for the flight if needed.  

What exactly will be created automatically I hear you ask? Great question.  

  • Journey Log 
  • Flight & Duty 
  • Draft Invoices 
  • Flight Logbooks 
  • Maintenance alerts 
  • Landing Fee Reports 
  • Usage Reports 
  • Safety Alarms 
  • Incident Reports 
  • Pilot Currency 

If you are an Aeronet.OPS user and have a Spider 8 in your aircraft, you're pretty much ready to go. Get in touch with the Aeronet team to finish getting things set up.  
To get working towards the paperless cockpit dream start the conversion with Aeronet and Spidertracks now. 


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