Feature Focus - Parts Requisition

It's time for one of your aircraft to have its regular inspection or, heaven forbid, it needs some unscheduled maintenance! This will mean you will have parts that need replacing, materials to carry out the work and maybe even parts you didn't know you needed to replace that need to be sorted out. Sounds like it's time to requisition some parts!

As a part of Aeronet.MRO, there is a clear parts requisition journey that your engineering and stores team can take to make sure your team have what they need, when they need it, to get their jobs done faster. No more yelling across the hangar floor or passing slips of paper with scribbled notes on them. 

​Raising Demand for Jobs from anywhere

Wherever or however your team likes to work, they can raise demands for their jobs. If they have tablets or phones that they access Aeronet from the hangar floor, they can easily search for parts in any of your locations and add them to a job using Aeronet's mobile version. The demand for parts will now show associated to the job. Easy as that. If there are inspections up and coming the stores team can get parts and materials all ready to go set aside for the job, even before the engineers get to the job. 

​Store's team to the rescue

Now the Stores team kick into gear. Ideally the engineers have put the requisition through but if you're needing to add it manually, this can be done as well from either the Jobs or Parts module. If there is enough stock to satisfy the demand, all good! Nothing for the Stores team to do except fulfill the demand with stock or with a new order (That's a story for another day!) For those parts in stock, it's time to pick the parts from stores ready for the engineer (printing a picking slips is one click away in Aeronet). The requested parts will obviously be subtracted from the stock levels and the minimum stock levels that have been set will kick in. If this particular requisition has moved something under its minimum allowed stock, the store's manager will get an alert to reorder the part. 

However, as Joni Mitchell (and then Counting Crows) once said, "You don't know what you've got till it's gone". A part that you didn't know you needed for this job isn't in stock and so is needing to be ordered. No trouble. As the requisition is made, the engineer can set the urgency for the part as AOG, ASAP or normal and get things underway with fulfilling the requisition. The store's manager is able to set the urgency as well. We know that AOG is critical so everyone involved in that process needs to know that instantly.

If the store's manager needs to issue the parts, it's as easy as scanning the barcode on the job (if you have one) or entering the job number and then issuing the required parts for everyone to do their job. 

​Having the parts you need

There is nothing worse than starting a job and not having the parts needed to get it finished especially when that may mean the aircraft cannot continue to fly. Having engineers requisition parts and store managers keeping ahead of things is critical to the running of your Part 145 operation. Aeronet helps make this process seamless and efficient.

Parts Requisition is made up of a group of features in Aeronet.MRO, specifically Work Orders, Inventory & Purchasing.

If you are new to Aeronet and would like a demo of Parts Requisition and other MRO features, please request a demo. If you are an Aeronet client and would like to add the Parts Requisition to your account and configured, please email


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