Feature Focus - Scheduled Reports

There is nothing quite like that moment when the delivery person pulls up to your house with the order you placed online earlier that week. The anticipation of the arrival is half the fun of getting the package.  

Well, has Aeronet got a treat for you!  

As would be expected with any business software nowadays, you can generate a whole range of reports from within Aeronet for a whole range of data and information. However, this requires logging into the system, finding the right screen and then getting the report dates right and downloading it (Kind of like getting in the car, driving to the mall, finding a car park and battling the crowd to buy something! Just like the old days). This is fine if you're in the system all day, every day and if you remember you actually need the report. 

Enter Scheduled Reports.  

Just like getting that purchase shipped right to your door, Aeronet can deliver any of the reports from within Aeronet, directly to your inbox, when you want it and however often you want it. Maybe you'd like an Aircraft Fleet Summary Report in your email on the first day of every month; no trouble. Stores manager needs a Shelf Life Report once a week; not a problem. Chief Pilot must see a Flight & Duty report at the end of the month, you got it. You tell us when and how often you want the report to be sent and we'll get it sorted for you. If you need the report sent to multiple people, we can do that as well.  

​How will the reports show?

The easiest way to get a report into your inbox is to send the same version as a PDF that would be generated in Aeronet and send it as an attachment but sometimes that's not going to cut it.  

Our team of awesome developers here at Aeronet can customize an HTML email to deliver to your inbox exactly the report you need, in an email with the information right there as you open it. No need to download and find attachments if you just need to see the information and act on it.

​What about custom reports that aren't currently being generated in Aeronet?

There may be a report you need to see that pulls data from a few different parts of Aeronet or is a combination of reports inside the software. That can be done as well. We can generally create a report for whatever is needed so just ask and we can see what we are able to do.

What about real time reporting?

If you are wanting real time data from a whole range of sources, not just Aeronet, we can help by pushing your Aeronet data to either Microsoft Power BI or Google Data Studio where you can then create the real time reporting needed. 

​What is the process for getting Scheduled Reports?

The process is very simple: 

  • Decide what report/s you need to be set up and what information they need 
  • Raise a ticket with the Aeronet Support team with as much detail as possible Aeronet will come back with any costs that may be associated with generating the report 
  • Sit back and wait for the next scheduled report to drop into your inbox ready for you to smash through your task list

Scheduled Reporting can be applied to almost all of Aeronet.  

If you are new to Aeronet and would like a demo of reporting in Aeronet or any other features, please request a demo. If you are an Aeronet client and would like to get some scheduled reports set up configured, please email


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