Feature Focus - Execute tasks from mobile

A lot of Aeronet users love using the mobile version of Aeronet to complete tasks as it can be done from any device, on the go and "with their thumbs". Most key actions can be done via mobile such as searching for parts, adding flights, adding bookings and adding new tasks to be completed and now users are able to actually execute tasks related to Jobs from mobile Aeronet.

Why is this helpful & how can you access it?

We know that the mobile version of Aeronet is very popular due it's simplicity and ease of access and is used widely by engineers on the hangar floor and out in the field so it made sense to add the execute task function to this so that the process of completing a job can be carried out from anyway on any device. 

If you currently have Aeronet mobile set up, get in touch with Aeronet Support and they will be able to turn Execute Tasks on for you on mobile. If you aren't currently using Aeronet mobile or are completely new Aeronet, it's a good idea to get in touch with the team and have a discussion about how Aeronet and Aeronet Mobile might fit in with your organization.

What does executing tasks on mobile feature allow you to do?

Once Execute Tasks has been configured to appear on your mobile version of Aeronet, go to the icon and it will take you through to a list of all WIP work orders for you to choose from. You can either search for the work order you are working on or scroll through to find the correct one.

Once selecting the correct work order, you will be shown a list of tasks related to the work order. Again, you have the option to either search for the task you are working on or scroll through to find the correct one.

Once you've located the correct task, you can enter any details or rectifications carried out and submit them which will execute the task across the system. 

Bringing the power of executing task to your pocket

We are always adding to what is possible in terms of quickly and efficiently, with what you have, being able to complete your work. Being able to execute tasks on WIP work orders in the next step in this.

Aeronet mobile is a key part of Aeronet for a wide variety of features with Executing Tasks being in Aeronet.MRO

If you are new to Aeronet and would like to see how Aeronet mobile or Aeronet.MRO functions, please request a demo. If you are an Aeronet client and would like to more information about Aeronet mobile or adding executing tasks to your account and configured, please email


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