Best Avaition TED talks you need to watch

Some of the best and smartest get together all over the world for TED events. TED stands for  Technology, Entertainment, Design and the original conference was started in Vancouver, Canada in 1984 and become an annual event in 1990 to bring together experts in many areas to share ideas and learnings. The TED conference was very popular and started a series of events all over the world were people became members of TED to get access to conferences and the content afterwards. With the continued evolving of video on the internet, TED Talks took off online and people from all over the world got inspired by these short, interesting and full of variety presentations.

TEDx was launched to allow anyone to run a TED event by adhering to strict TED rules and them needing to be not for profit. This allowed for almost anyone, anywhere in the world with a great story to share that and get their message out. 

Over the years aviation has had its fair share of presentations and so we thought we'd give you the 5 that we find either the most interesting from the large catalogue of them. This is not an exhaustive list or by any means all that are available but just a few we thought we'd like to share. 

In this TED Talk from 2018, Rodin Lyasoff shares about how a new golden age of air travel is coming in which small, autonomous air taxis allow us to bypass traffic jams and fundamentally transform how we get around our cities and towns.

Watch Rodin's TED Talk

This is an older TED Talk from 2011 but pilot Anna Mracek Dietrich shares the journey her and the team at Transition wen through to create a vehicle that can function as both a car driven on the road and an aircraft that can actually fly. It's not a beautiful piece of equipment but it "does what it says on the box". 

Watch Anna's TED Talk

3D printing is radically changing the way we create things and this TED Talk from 2013 from a designer working with Airbus shows what is capable using a 3D print including spare parts that are 50% lighter and just as strong and a radical new concept for a Jumbo Jet he has designed and 3D printed.

Watch Bastian's TED Talk

Yves Rossy is the Jetman -- flying freewith a jetpack on his back above the Swiss Alps and the Grand Canyon. In this TED Talk, Yves is interviewed about what it's like and why he does it. 

Watch the Jetman TED Talk

Supersonic Flight is coming ...... again

Most technology has been developing at exponential speed for decades but speed of flight has not. Since the grounding of the Conchord programme, supersonic commercial travel has stopped. Blake Scholl is the Founder and CEO of Boom Supersonic, which is trying to bring affordable, supersonic, intercontinental travel to the world again.

Watch Blake's TED Talk


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