Feature Focus - Using Aeronet "with your thumbs"

In 1969 NASA took three astronauts to the moon using computers that were, at the time, state of the art. Looking back, we realize what an accomplishment that really was as the computing power in comparison to modern devices is laughable. To give a sense of the rate of change, a current iPhone could be used to guide 120,000,000 Apollo era spacecraft to the moon, all at the same time! We have incredibly powerful computers in our pockets all the time and so it makes sense to use them whenever we can.  

The use of mobile technologies is continuing to explode in both personal and professional contexts and is no different in aviation. The use of tablets and smartphones in the cockpit, on the hangar floor and in the office are common place. Staff now expect to be able to do things on the devices they carry with them every day. Also, some of us are even quicker at navigating things "with our thumbs" than with a mouse and keyboard and so there are often efficiency gains when completing certain tasks on smartphones.  

Here at Aeronet, we recognized that our users completed many tasks that they could be carried out on a simpler, mobile version of Aeronet and so we introduced /mobile. 

Over the years of having this available, we've been adding different functionality as required to, where now, most things you need to be able to do quickly and on the go can be done on the /mobile version of Aeronet.

So what can be done from /mobile:

- Parts Search- Expense- Agricultural Work Orders
- Order Parts - Flights- Due Date Control
- Issue Parts - Flight & Duty- Bookings
- New Work Orders - Tech Log- Execute Tasks
- New Service Order - New Tasks- Documents
- New Time - Raise Demand - Create RFQs

Not every Aeronet client requires all of the functions listed above on /mobile as it is dependent on your install requirements and what users see what functions is controlled in the users module. Admins will have full control over who see what in both desktop and mobile Aeronet.  

Let's break down each of those /mobile functions to explain when and where they may be helpful.

Parts Search

As the name suggests, this feature lets you search for part that you have in your inventory and then either Raise Demand for that part, Issue that part to a work order or create a new quote for the part.

​Order Parts

This function lets you order parts that you know you need. Users can add which supplier to get the part from, what job it is required for and the quantity needed.

​Issue Parts

This allows you to issues parts directly to a job and a task associated with that job.  

New Work Orders

If you need to set up a new work order on the fly, this is the best place to do it. Add the customers details, their order reference, the date , status and description of the work order and you're done.  

New Service Order

As with new work orders, a new service order can be set up via /mobile as well. Add the supplier, a job number and a few instructions and the service order is ready to go.

New Time

If you track your time against jobs in Aeronet, New Time allows you to allocate time, rates and notes against a work order and specific task.


The Aircraft section shows you all the aircraft in your install, what is overdue, upcoming and within limit  and you can dive into the details of each specific aircraft directly from your phone. There are some parts of an aircraft that are editable from this view and a few that are read only.


Log Expense claims against Work Orders


Here a pilot is able to add a new flight or select and complete a flight that already exists. Any fields from your flights module can be included or excluded from the mobile form dependent on what you want your pilots to complete.

Flight & Duty

With the flight & duty on mobile you can add rostered days on and off, set yourself on standby and set up a split shift. You can also quickly see each pilots flight & duty.

Tech Log

The Tech Log icon takes you to view the tech log for each aircraft and then you can access the maintenance, flights and notes related to the aircraft.

New Tasks

With New Tasks, you're able to add new tasks onto a work order. It also gives you options to add defects and ramifications as well as allocated time and notes about the task.

Agricultural Work Orders

If you are running Agricultural Jobs then from this icon, you can complete jobs with whatever fields you have had added to the Agricultural Work Orders. These are completely customizable (like all of Aeronet) and generally show things like weight of product, details, locations and statuses.

Due Date Control

Use the Due Date Control Module to see the due dates of time based user testing, appointments, meetings, license renewals or medical data or anything else that has a date associated with it.  


Going into Bookings lets you see all the bookings that have been loaded.

​Execute Tasks

This allows you to see a list of all WIP work orders see a list of tasks related to a specific work order and you are able to enter any details or rectifications carried out and submit them which will execute the task across the system.


You can access any documents you have stored in the Aeronet Documents module from the documents section in the footer of the mobile.

How do I get Aeronet on my mobile?

Aeronet on mobile is not an app to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play. It is actually a mobile version of the Aeronet web application. This means you access it via your phones web browser. That might be Google Chrome if you are on an Android device or Safari if your using an Apple phone. Go to the same address you access Aeronet on your computer at and add /mobile to the end. For example: Login with your usual login credentials and you're ready to go. If you can't see the icons you need to, contact your Aeronet administrator inside of your organization and they can give you access to the correct user privileges.

If you are the Aeronet Admin and you need your mobile version set up correctly or would like training on how to best set it up, contact the Aeronet support team on and they can help get things set up and customized as you'd like.

Note: The new and improved Graphic User Interface shown in the image above is due for release in Aeronet Version 4.0  so will differ for anyone using an earlier version.


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