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Roles & responsibilities in your aviation business

Like most businesses, the story of how you started will be unique. Maybe you were maintaining one or 2 aircraft and then next minute, you've got 50 you look after and track. Perhaps you were just flying your own helicopter all of a sudden you had a fleet of 10 and a team to operate and maintain them.   However that process happened, you probably grew your team where you needed them and the team just got the job done as well as they could and people naturally fell into roles and respons...

February 13, 2019

Why can't I just try out Aeronet or "Turn On" Features?

Sometimes we get asked to turn on additional features for our clients so they can "scope them out". This obviously seems like a simple request but it might not be as straightforward as it seems.   Imagine you and your friends getting together for dinner at someone's house and you're having homemade burgers. (Stay with me here). One friend, Jeff, trying to be helpful says "I'll make everyone's burgers for them." So while you enjoy a drink or two, Jeff is busy making burgers for everyone...

January 23, 2019

Three Types of Business Problems

In business there are only 3 types of problems. Process, People and Systems. No more. Every problem fits into one of those three boxes. This is often referred to as the "Golden Triangle".  At Aeronet, we are always working with our clients to identify where the issues they are facing fit as that then gives the best way to fix the issue.   So what are these three types of problems and how can they be addressed. ...

January 9, 2019

Automated Flight Data - Aeronet & Spidertracks

Talk to any pilot and they love to fly. What they don't love is doing paperwork before and after flights. Tired, busy pilots should be spending as much of their time flying, not completing forms and entering unnecessary data. The dream would be for a pilot to take off, fly the aircraft, land and the data about that flight is automatically tracked and appears in all your internal systems. The holy grail, a paperless cockpit.   This is why at Aeronet we're really excited about ...

December 10, 2018

Spreadsheets vs Maintenance Tracking Software

We hear from our clients often that they are managing their aviation maintenance tracking using spreadsheets which they refer to as "spreadsheet hell". One of our long terms clients and business partners, Jonathan Bowen from Oceania Aviation, shared the journey they have been on in their transition to specific maintenance tracking software  "In 30 years of my aviation, it’s gone from some log books to lots of log books to spread sheets and now purpose built systems. Along t...

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